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Greece holidays can boast an incredible history a mixture of fascinating heritage and modern resorts, Greece has something for everyone. During the fifth century BC, Athens became the cultural capital of the Mediterranean, with fine examples of literature, philosophy and architecture, much of which is still in evidence today. Many people choose holidays in Greece for this reason, to explore the amazing ruins and learn more of its fascinating heritage; others come simply to enjoy the warm welcome and wonderful sunshine.

Greece lies between the Ionian and Aegean Seas and has over 1400 island floating just off it’s coastline, all offering their own version of Greek life. The rugged coastline, white washed buildings and fishing boats bobbing in the sunshine, conjure up the picturesque image that is Greece.Mainland Greece has beautiful beaches, with clear blue seas, quaint fishing villages and traditional towns, all very Family friendly. To the north of Greece you’ll discover Halkidiki and Thessalonika, with a wide range of shops and restaurant

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