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Have you ever thought of going on a journey into a world completely different?

To stay in a medieval castle or in a paramythoupoli, or in a space town?

Do you think that all day you have the opportunity through various activities to feel again kid? ..

Exete you ever thought of dining inside a fairy restaurant, a restaurant in the Wild West, the restaurant in a space that the other pulls your imagination with the corresponding dish;

You think to do with spacecraft flight, or to move a submarine; as;

If so, then select a theme Parko.Se trip to all major cities of Europe will find a theme park. We are sure you know the EURODISNEY But you know that next to Strasbourg is one of the biggest theme parks in amazing places. EUROPA PARK. You know that there is next to the Space Bremen city.

FLIGHTS + HOTEL your choice inside or outside the park entrance fees depending on what you want, and if transfers if u want to. All ready to travel packages with large choice of hotels.

Theme Parks in Europe

One of the biggest dreams of any child is to live briefly in a story along with their favorite heroes in a world full of colors, toys, candy and of course a lot of adventure and endless fun. Maybe it's a good idea, some time to "donate" to your family on a journey into the world of imagination and dream!

Definitely one of the famous and spectacular parks in Europe will pique your interest! And if you think such a trip only to enchant your children, below you will see how these parks promise wonderful moments not only children but also to you!


And who has not played in childhood with the bricks and the little people of Lego!

These features plastic bricks, fitting into each other and form of houses and cars to imagine anything else, have grown up with generations and generations! Now you have the opportunity to relive a little world made with your hands when you were kids, but this time as players ...!

Just outside London, a whole world emerges, a visionary park for young and old, completely made of colorful bricks. Here you can wander around in vast and mysterious labyrinths, make safari, admire yperogkous dinosaurs, to drive cars. A World Made famous tangible bricks!

The park also gives you the opportunity to choose among 50 magical and paths between them, since the spring of 2009, an incredible boating in the town of Viking, where you can find monsters, dragons and warriors angry, as well as an impressive exploration of the depths of the tomb of the Pharaoh. A park then, especially for children 3-12 years old (not of course mean that you will not have fun with their souls and their parents), welcomes you to give you endless hours of adventure.

If only a glimpse of the magical world of Legoland you think a little, then enter the and learn everything!

The main site of Legoland will see the central park of Lego in California and other respectively in Denmark and Germany.

Chessington World-England

Just a few kilometers also outside London, is a destination for families. An incredible world full of toys and trains, magical journeys, souvenir shops and lots of imagination. Ideal park under the age of 12, offers plenty of adventure and relaxation for the whole family.

What makes the Chessington World apart from other parks in Europe is huge Zoo, which attracts rare animals from around the world. Among the Gorillas, Asian lions, Persian leopards, tigers and many other exotic animals that are worth seeing.

Finally, the garden that complements the marine section, which gives you the opportunity to discover the secret depths of the sea and the rare species living in it. The trip to Chessington World can provide the continuity of your trip to Legoland, where the two parks are among the only few minutes. 

Thorpe Park-England

England remain in a park that is addressed in older children. This park will definitely raise their adrenaline! It is this and a few kilometers from Legoland and can combine a visit there. Since the spring of 2009 in ThorpePark you can live the adventure through high-speed trains and free fall, the extreme games and incredible slides into lakes! A unique experience! You can afford?

Visit the original online at tour and you win!


A fabulous park that will take you to magical worlds. Suitable for all ages (ideal for children of preschool age), attracts thousands of visitors each year. What fascinates every visitor is the endless tale that you can live in a place haunted houses, dream carousel, elves and pirate ships that excite children and adults.

The park offers fun and entertainment in endless games and travels to the dream. Theaters showing musical performances, museums with objects from the past filled with mystery and festival with carnival costumes and traditional character of countries around the world are some of the elements that make Efteling unique. Ki'alla Want to learn about this wonderful park? If yes, then visit at 

Asterix Park-France

Famous heroes of timeless comic alive to generously offer pleasure, entertainment and much adventure for you and your children. Asterix, Obelix, the Panoramix the rest of their friends welcome you to a magical park turns into the reality and travels in the years of the Roman Empire in the village of Galata.

A vast expanse, about the eternal conflict between Romans and Gauls, home for many years visitors of all ages in order to offer endless hours of joy. The park gives you the opportunity to make pleasant strolls and dangerous journeys large and small trains, trains that pass through running water, games, free fall and carousels.

You can also enjoy stories representations through the comics to be unfolding before your eyes, play with their heroes and watch movies virtual reality will make you feel that you belong to another era.

Finally, in this climate pleasantly confused and a taste of ancient Greece (which happens in the comics) and makes the park able to take you to another dimension.

More information about how you can get to the park and images, you can find at


Is a leading role in the theme parks. What a pioneer and one with a brief description of the spectacle offered perhaps the biggest and most impressive park in Europe, Eurodisney!

All those heroes with whom we grew up and met friends through TV and magazines, is now marching with us and send us the world of fairy tale! Crazy routes with small and big trains, steep drops, special rooms in the virtual space and endless shows and parades of famous actors of Disney, is likely to surprise you!

We must not leave there without visiting the magnificent tower of Sleeping Beauty and the fantastic, dark journey into the world of Pirates, where in small boats under the starlit sky that seems to be true, you will discover the mystery of a night full of surprises . And the adventure does not stop here. The train of Indiana Jones, an incredibly large and fast train promises to make you feel your adrenaline high! New games are added each year at Walt Disney Studios Park.

Take a dip in the ocean of Nemo Crush's Coaster and the Lightning McQueen in Cars Race Rally. Dozens of games are still ready to welcome you for endless hours, even days, joy, fun and adventure! The park also has hotels that can accommodate you if you decide to travel to France only to Disneyland! The truth is that one day is certainly not enough to get even a small taste of the magic of this park is ideal for all ages!

Many large travel agencies have organized proposals to Eurodisney. The TUI Hellas (til.210.9495000) is the official representative of the resort in Greece.

Of course this information is minimal and to understand the greatness of this park to visit Be enchanted!!


South of Barcelona, in a seafront location, the world appears an endless game that combines elements from China, wild West, Polynesia, Mexico and the Mediterranean. It is one that is very unique and interesting blend of cultures. It is divided into sectors and each sector presents a culture, a culture and through the endless games, children can enjoy and enrich their knowledge.

This park belongs to Universal Studios and has the advantage of being ocean, which means that the fun part very liquid asset. The Caribe Aquatic Park is a huge Waterland with pools, water slides and dozens of surprises where children can make canoes, trains can pass through water and more.

Something also very interesting that you can experience is the experience of "maritime Odyssey" which you can see and feel the dangers of the deep sea, a real odyssey! The park is also your chance to experience exotic animals and birds from around the world. The Portaventura, offer endless hours of fun and adventure! It is suitable for all ages but more for older children who already have some basic knowledge about different cultures.

Visit and learn much more about this unique destination that will surely delight you!


In Lake Garda, in northern Italy brings a world of fantasy, a dream world where you can enjoy yourself and your children. In this park you can "sail" with boats for endless walks, visiting the theater with puppets, the fabulous, delicious zacharoupoli and climb the tree house, a dream of every child who emerges in the middle of the "Kingdom of Fantasy", which is one of the parts of the park. Finally, you have the opportunity to enjoy the various shows presented throughout the park.

The park is divided into fantasy games, adrenaline, adventure and spectacle. The Gardaland appropriate for young children who have the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of the park without any fear and danger. Having got a taste, you can visit the site Gardaland where you will see a map and detail that it offers. Useful information on travel arrangements can be found and Superfast Ferries.

Europa Park - Germany

In the town of Freiburg, near the French and Swiss border, is the German Europa Park. The particularity is that the topics listed in 12 European countries. Children have fun while knowing the culture of different countries. For younger guests there is a «Childrens World» the Viking village, waterslides and sand dunes. Older children enjoy the Adventure Land reminiscent of wild jungle. About the website:

Have you ever thought to go on a journey into a world completely different. To stay in a medieval castle or in a fairytaleworld the space within a city. Have you thought about that all day You can through various activities to feel again child .. If so then select a trip to the theme park. Euro Disney, Asteroid, studio Universal, Eurea Park, but many in Europe and around the World

Enter a magical kingdom where you can sail with pirates, explore exotic jungles, meet fairy-tale princesses, dive under the ocean and rocket through the stars—all in the same day!
Parc Astérix is a theme park in Plailly which is in the Oise department just 30 kilometres north of Paris. The park is dedicated to the world of Asterix and his companionObelix,the heroes of the Asterix books created in 1959 by French writers Albert Uderzo and René Goscinny.
Universal Studios Port Aventura is located in the heart of Tarragona's Costa Daurada and is unquestionably one of Europe's most outstanding theme parks.
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